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12 Best Novels You Should Read Before Watching Their Adaptions


From classic novels to Hollywood blockbusters, literature is full of the best books adapted into movies. For those who can’t wait to watch their favorite story unfold onscreen, these books are the perfect option before diving into a film.

12 Best Novels You Should Read Before Watching Their Adaptions

 1. Inherent Vice by Thomas Pynchon

Best-Novels-You Should-Read-Before Watching-Their- Adaptions

This novel takes place in California in the late 1960s, during social unrest and cultural revolution. It is a story about a private detective named Doc Sportello who is trying to find his ex-girlfriend, who has gone missing.

Inherent Vice is an intricate mystery filled with many themes and symbols. One of these symbols is the hippie culture, which Pynchon uses to explore what it means to be human.

2. Great Expectations by Charles Dickens

Great Expectation is a novel written by Charles Dickens. The story talks about the life of Pip and an orphan brought up by a blacksmith and his wife in London.

The novel tells the story of Pip’s life from childhood to adulthood and the various characters he meets along the way. It also explores social class, poverty, crime, and corruption themes.

Great Expectations is one of Dickens’s most famous novels, with over 50 million copies sold in its original edition.

3.World War Z by Max Brooks 

Best-Novels-You Should-Read-Before Watching-Their- Adaptions

The novel World War Z is a fictional account of the zombie apocalypse. Brooks wrote the novel based on facts and interviews he conducted with people involved in different parts of the war.

The novel follows United Nations employee Gerry Lane as he travels worldwide to find his wife and son after a zombie apocalypse breaks out. The book also has a lot of insights into how different countries would respond to such an event. It shows how countries with poor infrastructure would suffer from a lack of supplies and how countries with good infrastructure could overcome it by using their resources efficiently.

The book also explores aspects like medical care during an outbreak, relations between countries, human nature during such events, and many more.”

4. Fallen by Lauren Kate.

After her mother’s death, seventeen-year-old June falls into a deep depression, isolating herself from her friends and family. One day, she wakes up to find that she is no longer in her bedroom, and when she tries to return to reality, she finds herself in a strange new world with people who don’t seem to exist.

The novel focuses on how the protagonist deals with this new situation and ultimately manages to come out of it.

5.Carrie by Stephen King.

Best-Novels-You Should-Read-Before Watching-Their- Adaptions

Carrie is a novel written by Stephen King. It was published in 1974 and tells the story of Carrie White, a high school teenager who unleashes telekinetic powers after being humiliated by her peers. The novel has been adapted into two feature films and a Broadway musical.

This book is about Carrie White, a high school girl who unleashes telekinetic powers after being offended by her peers. Her mother, Margaret White, takes her to see the charismatic Reverend Samuel Craig and his wife, Miss Collins. They are members of The Church of the Sacred Heart in Castle Rock, Maine, but they also have an ulterior motive for inviting Carrie to their home. Miss Collins wants Carrie to be able to use her powers to help them spread the word about their religion and eventually take over the world with it.

The book follows Carrie as she uses her power throughout her life, trying to find happiness while living within society’s rules that do not allow for people like her to exist

6.The Hobbit by J.R.R. Tolkien.

Best-Novels-You Should-Read-Before Watching-Their- Adaptions

The Hobbit is a children’s novel by J.R.R. Tolkien, published in 1937. The Hobbit is a fantasy novel that follows the titular character Bilbo Baggins as he voyages with the Wizard Gandalf and thirteen Dwarves, guided by Thorin Oakenshield, on an epic exploration to reclaim the Lonely Mountain from Smaug.

7.The Maze Runner by James Dashner.

Best-Novels-You Should-Read-Before Watching-Their- Adaptions

The Maze Runner by James Dashner is a science fiction novel that follows the main character, Thomas. He wakes up in a maze with no memory of who he is or how he got there.

Set in a dystopian society, the novel explores themes of humanity and the limits of knowledge. The main character, Thomas, struggles to navigate a maze as he tries to figure out what happened to him.

Published in September 2014, this book has become one of the most famous in recent years. It has been translated into more than 40 languages ​​and has sold more than 40 million copies worldwide.

8. Forrest Gump by Winston Groom.

Best-Novels-You Should-Read-Before Watching-Their- Adaptions

Forrest Gump is a novel by Winston Groom, published in 1986. It tells the life story of Forrest Gump, a man born with low intelligence but an uncanny knack for running and winning. The novel begins with Forrest’s first day at school and follows him through his life, from childhood to old age.

The protagonist of this novel is Forrest Gump. He has a low IQ, but he is an extraordinary person with an unerring ability to run and win in any situation he finds himself in.

9. Where The Red Fern Grows by Wilson Rawls.

“Where the Red Fern Grows” is a coming-of-age novel by Wilson Rawls. This novel tells the story of Billy and his dog, Fern, and how their relationship changes over time.

Billy’s father has a red fern that he loves very much. When he dies, Billy’s mother gives him the fern. As Billy grows older, he starts to understand that the fern is an integral part of his life and takes care of it just like he takes care of Fern.

10. Hector and the Search For Happiness by Francois Lelord.

Best-Novels-You Should-Read-Before Watching-Their- Adaptions

Hector is a man who has been living in the same town for his whole life. Although he has never left, he is unhappy and feels something is missing from his life. This search for happiness leads Hector on an adventure to explore the world and find what he needs.

This story is about a man’s journey of self-discovery that ends with him finding happiness in unexpected places. It also offers a lesson in how to live life more fully by looking outside of your comfort zone, exploring new things, and taking risks.

Hector’s story is told through Francois Lelord’s illustrations and text, which helps bring Hector’s journey to life in a way children can easily understand.

11.Battle Royale by Koushun Takam

Best-Novels-You Should-Read-Before Watching-Their- Adaptions

Battle Royale is a novel by Koushun Takam, published in Japan in 1999. It became a worldwide bestseller, and the book’s film adaptation was released in March 2018.

The novel is about a group of high school students who are forced to combat each other for survival on an island. The story has been described as “the Hunger Games meets Lord of the Flies.”

Battle Royale has been adapted into numerous media, including manga, anime, and video games.

12.Mansfield Park by Jane Austen

Best-Novels-You Should-Read-Before Watching-Their- Adaptions

Jane Austen’s novel, Mansfield Park, is a story of a young woman who has to make difficult decisions about her future.

The novel is set in England during the early 1800s and follows the life of Fanny Price. She must decide what kind of person she wants to be and what kind of life she wants.

Mansfield Park is a story that speaks to women’s choices throughout history and how those choices have influenced their lives.

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