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How to Get Motivated to Draw – 10 Fantastic Ways

The feeling of being uninspired, unmotivated, and creatively blocked is something many artists and creatives can relate to.

As creatives, we all need the motivation to get our creative juices flowing. Drawing can provide a therapeutic form of expression for many and can help to ignite a sense of creativity and inspiration.

But, Don’t worry. Here we give a few tips on how to get motivated to draw so that you can unlock a whole new world of imagination.

How to Get Motivated to Draw: 10 Wonderful Ways

1. Set Small and Achievable Goals

When it comes to getting motivated to draw, one of the best advice is to set small and achievable goals. Start by setting a goal of completing one drawing each day or each week. This will help you stay focused and motivated, as you can keep track of your progress.

Breaking down your goal into smaller, achievable tasks will give you a sense of accomplishment, which will help encourage you to continue your journey as an artist.

2. Find a Drawing Style you Like

How-to-Get Motivated-to-Draw-10-Fantastic-Ways

Finding a drawing style you like can be a significant motivator for drawing. It can be a great idea to look at different pictures and types to get ideas of what style you prefer. You can look online, in magazines, or even in books for different styles.

Once you have a better idea of what type of drawing style you like, you can start thinking about how to incorporate it into your artwork. Give yourself the freedom to experiment and create your unique style. This is a beautiful way to get motivated and inspired to draw.

3. Develop a Regular Drawing Schedule

Having a program helps you to focus on your drawings more efficiently and plan to ensure that you have enough time to work on them. It also gives you something to look forward to staying motivated to draw when making your schedule.

Set realistic goals and set aside at least an hour a day for your drawings, this way, you can make steady progress over time and stay motivated to keep going.

4. Find Drawing Inspiration

How-to-Get Motivated-to-Draw-10-Fantastic-Ways

Finding the motivation to draw can be challenging when you’re feeling stuck in a creative rut. One of the best ways to get motivated is to find some sources of inspiration. Look online or around your environment for images, objects, and people that inspire you. Take some time to think about why they encourage you and start to make sketches.

Don’t worry if your drawings could be better; the point is to get your creative juices flowing. Once you have some graphics, you can experiment with different media and techniques until you find something that speaks to you.

5. Take Advantage of Tutorials and Classes

Taking advantage of tutorials and classes is a great way to get motivated to draw. Tutorials are beneficial for learning the basics and honing in on your specific drawing goals. Courses provide more guided instruction from an experienced artist and the chance to meet and work with other motivated students.

Plus, video tutorials are often free and readily available on the internet so that you can learn from the convenience of your own home. Working with a tutor or taking classes is a great way to get started and stay motivated as you develop your drawing skills.

6. Join an Online Art Community

Joining an online art community can be a great way to get motivated to draw. By interacting with other artists and sharing your work, you can learn from the other members and get inspired by the work they create. You can also get feedback from experienced artists, which can help you improve your drawing skills.

Plus, having an online community to turn to when you’re feeling uninspired can help keep you motivated and on track with your drawing goals.

7. Experiment with Different Techniques

How-to-Get Motivated-to-Draw-10-Fantastic-Ways

Even if you’ve been drawing for a long time, it can be challenging to stay motivated. One way to stay motivated is to experiment with different techniques and styles. Try drawing with varying materials or trying new techniques such as hatching or stippling.

Challenge yourself to try other subjects, such as still lifes or landscapes, or take a class to learn a unique art style. The key is to keep pushing yourself to try something new and be open to learning. This will help keep your interest in drawing alive, and it will also help you develop your skills.

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8. Take Breaks and Reward Yourself for Progress

Taking regular breaks from your drawing is essential to manage your time and energy levels. Set realistic goals and celebrate when you achieve them, no matter how small. Taking a break to reflect upon your improvement is a fantastic way to stay motivated and give yourself a much-needed boost. Reward yourself with a snack or a short walk to keep your energy and spirit high.

Additionally, break your project into smaller tasks and reward yourself with a small treat when completing each part. Doing so will help keep you motivated to complete the entire project.

9. Don’t Compare Yourself to Other Artists

Everyone has their style and approach to art. Please don’t compare yourself to other artists and their work. It’s easy to get discouraged and feel like you’re not as good as everyone else, but there are better ways to stay motivated.

Instead, focus on your progress and the things you’ve accomplished. Remember that you don’t have to reach the same level as someone else. You can create unique art and still be proud of what you’ve made.

10. Write About What You Want To Draw

When you feel uninspired, think about what kind of art you want to create. Do you want to draw realistic portraits? Create a comic series? Draw cartoon characters? For example, start studying the basics of facial features and lighting to draw lifelike portraits. If you’re going to draw comics, start designing characters and plots.

Once you know what to draw, you’ll be more motivated to put pencil to paper.

Final Words: How to Get Motivated to Draw – 10 Wonderful Ways

It is important to remember that getting motivated to draw is a process. It may not be easy, but it’s worth it.

By setting realistic goals, rewarding yourself for progress, and getting organized, you’ll be well on your way to becoming a successful artist.

You can achieve your drawing goals and unlock your full potential with patience and dedication.


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