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Why Dont The Top Fashion Designers Wear Their Own Clothes

Why Don’t The Top Fashion Designers Wear Their Own Clothes? As we know, not every superstar has their own style. Some people start off with very classic looks and then add some flashy touches to them as they climb the ladder. Others have elaborate fashion trends that they never seem to get rid of.

But what about when someone who is already well-known for having an incredible fashion sense gets their own clothing line? This article will talk you through the reasons why most top fashion designers do not wear their own clothes.

It’ll also look at some examples of famous brands that are run by individuals or small groups of people (instead of large corporations) and how important it is to remain impartial in your designs.

Disclaimer: The topic of this article may be offensive to some. We recommend reading this piece with caution.

They want to be able to try things on

why dont the top fashion designers wear their own clothes

As fashion designers, our jobs depend heavily on us trying on lots of new clothes. We have to test-fit everything for accuracy, we have to look for flaws, and we need to know if something fits you well or not!

If we are too careful with how we dress, then it will negatively affect our careers as professionals. We would probably stop being hired because people could tell that we were very conscious about what we wore.

We also rely on others’ opinions when they ask us about designs or what styles are in style at this moment. If we never put on anything but expensive designer clothing, then they can talk about whether those items are in style or not.

It is important to show some love for your own personal wardrobe by wearing products that fit you and give you confidence. When other people see that you wear cheap, casual clothes that you like, they will pick up some good ideas from you.

They don’t want to be distracted by other people’s opinions

As fashion designers, we often feel that our personal style is not in line with what trends are moving towards at this moment.

We spend hours every day thinking about how to update and refresh our own styles for them to look their very best – but then they go out wearing something completely different than what we would choose!

It can get really frustrating when you have designed your perfect dress only for it to be ruined by someone else’s choice of top.

And while it may sound crazy, there is actually a reason why most major fashion brands do not allow employees to wear their own clothes.

In this article, we will discuss some reasons why these big-name companies cannot let their staff members design their own outfits.

They don’t want to get sweaty

why dont the top fashion designers wear their own clothes

As we all know, fashion is an art form that requires lots of experimentation and practice. A lot of it comes from copying what other people are doing and then tweaking it to fit your style or finding your own look.

A lot of times, however, this new design you create doesn’t quite match its original concept. You put effort into it, but no one else seems to like it so it sits in a drawer until you give up and buy the same thing anyway.

This can be tough because it is hard to predict how well something will translate onto the market. Sometimes things just don’t take off and there’s nobody out there who wants to pay for them!

As designers, we sometimes get tired of seeing our designs hit the floor once before getting picked up and sold. This hurts our self-esteem as professionals and makes us feel like maybe we’re not good enough to have our work seen by others. It also means we need to go find another way to make money, which can be difficult at times.

It’s totally normal to feel discouraged when your creative dreams seem to run dry. Luckily, these battles with internal demons are usually short lived. Before you know it, someone has asked you to make them lunch, or you’ve found yourself brainstorming ideas for next week’s project.

They want to show off their favorite outfits

why dont the top fashion designers wear their own clothes

As designers, we often do not wear what we make ourselves. We are constantly seeking out new materials, styles, and textures for clothes that match or go well with our current wardrobe.

We also may feel that our own clothing does not fit us properly or looks bad on us. This is totally natural!

As professionals in our field, we sometimes get too focused on what colors look good together and which silhouettes work best on body types. These things can influence whether you pick yourself up some new fashion pieces or not!

At times, we might just be too busy to take time to find matching shirts or sweatshirts, or shoes that will really compliment our personal style.

Overall, this can create an uncomfortable situation for you. You may end up feeling insecure about how you dress because you do not have enough stylish items in your closet.

I understand this very deeply. I remember as a teenager struggling with my sense of style. Luckily, I learned more about color theory and fashion as I grew older, and now it flows easily over what kind of clothes I choose to put on.

Hopefully, someone else who feels the same way as me will read this article and learn something new.

They don’t like the way their clothes fit

why dont the top fashion designers wear their own clothes

As we know, not everybody is shaped the same! Some of you may have noticed that some fashion stars seem to be wearing very similar styles over and over again. This isn’t necessarily because they are too cheap to buy new clothing, it could be because they just don’t like how their current wardrobe items fit them.

As designers, our jobs often include keeping up with the trends in fashion. Sometimes though, a trend will become really popular and everyone else will start using it, but as professionals can’t use it as our own style because it doesn’t suit ours.

This can sometimes be hard to bear. We want to use all these cool looks for ourselves, but we can’t unless someone makes enough money off of them to afford to purchase their own clothes! It would also mean leaving what we designed out of our collection which wouldn’t do anyone any good!

It’s important to remember that your personal style is not only interesting to look at, but also makes you feel comfortable and confident. If you ever feel like there is no point in buying something since you can’t wear it yourself, maybe try investing in separate pieces that can be incorporated into different outfits.

They want to try something new

why dont the top fashion designers wear their own clothes

As designers, we spend our careers trying to inspire and motivate other people to make more beautiful things. But sometimes we get tired of seeing ourselves reflected back at us!

We feel like we’ve said what we wanted to say and done all that was possible with our craft, so why not try doing it yourself?

By designing your own clothes, you give yourself a sense of fulfillment by producing work that you love and profiting from your creative skills, while also learning how to sew or fashion design.

And aside from the monetary benefits, there are psychological ones as well. By making clothing for yourself, you show respect for the art form and nature, which is inspiring. You also learn about colors and textures, self-expression, and how to match shades and tones – all of which can be applied in the future when creating designs.

There’s even an argument to be made that being able to create garments gives you a feeling of security, knowing that you will always have food coming in — and going out — through the razors in your wardrobe.

They want to be comfortable

why dont the top fashion designers wear their own clothes

As seen with many of our favorite fashion designers, they do not necessarily have to use their own designs in products or materials to get inspired. They can find inspiration from others’ designs while still putting their unique spin on it!

A lot of people believe that only very rich wealthy individuals have money to buy expensive clothes, but this is simply untrue. A few years ago, almost anyone could pick up clothing anywhere close to cost price-wise, unless it was extremely cheap.

Now, however, high-end designer brands are much more accessible due to online shopping. You no longer need to go out to stores to find what new pieces you want – you can just browse and order online.

This is great for two reasons: one, you save time, which gives you more time to spend doing other things; two, you know exactly what your product will look like before buying it! More exposure = better quality merchandise.

Given all these benefits, why don’t we see more top fashion design professionals creating and designing their own clothes? It would give them greater credit as artists and creators, increase sales by becoming popular brands, and help them stay within budget!

Hopefully, you found this article helpful, feel free to comment below and tell us what you think! We would love to hear from you.

They want to inspire each other

why dont the top fashion designers wear their own clothes

As fashion designers, we often times take inspiration from others’ designs to create new looks or refresh old ones. But what if those looks are not your own? What if you cannot afford them?

Many top fashion brands do not wear their own clothes because they want to be inspired by how professional their look is. They want to see what materials and styles they can add to make their own design more interesting.

They also want to find new ways to update and redesign their current collections so that they remain relevant in the ever-changing world of fashion.

As seen with many high-profile cases such as when Karl Lagerfeld was accused of plagiarism, it is very easy for copyists to steal the ideas and material sources needed to create their own style.

Plagiarizing an artist’s work is definitely wrong but taking something from another designer’s collection is quite different.


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